Conversion Q&A


1.    What is a Data Processing Conversion? Our data processor is the computer system we use to maintain member’s accounts and to process transactions. We have chosen to upgrade/transform our computer system to help improve our efficiency and enable us to offer new products and services to our members.

2.    Will I receive my statements as usual? Yes, you will receive your March statement. Those who have e-statements will receive a paper statement. The e-statement program will not be available for the March statement but will be for the April statement. Your statement will also have a new look!

3.    Will my member account number change? No, but the Suffix or Trailer numbers will. Suffix account numbers are 000 for savings and 091 for checking.

4.    Will I need to order new checks? No, your current checks will continue to work with your account, however you may see a slight difference in them when you re-order.

5.    Will the credit union’s routing number change? No, our routing number will not change. This number is 241282658. This is the number you need when setting up payroll, direct deposit or when setting up electronic withdrawals from your account.

6.    Will I have access to my money during the conversion? You will have limited access during the conversion. Online Banking, Telephone Banking, and Bill Pay will not be available until Friday, April 1. ATM/Debit Cards will be available but with limited access. You may still write checks and use your UTFCU Visa Credit Card.

7.     Will I have access to Shared Branching during the conversion? No. Shared Branching will be unavailable from end of business day, 3/30/2016 thru Monday morning, 4/4/2016.

8.    Will my Online Banking change? Yes, and we are very excited about this change. Friday, you can log on to our new Online Banking via our website, and click on the IT’S ME 247 Online Banking button. You will be required to re-enroll. Enter your member number and temporary password. (This will be the last four of the primary member’s Social Security Number
and 4-digit birth year.) The system will then prompt you to change your password. When asked for current password: you will use your temporary password. You will also set up security questions at first log-on. PLEASE READ THE FIRST TIME LOG-IN INSTRUCTIONS.

9.    Will my Telephone Banking change? Yes. Just like Online Banking, you will be required to re-enroll. The new Telephone Banking will change to CU*TALK. The toll-free number is (800)867-4786. You will need to enter your member number and press #. Next you will be prompted to enter your PIN. (Your new temporary PIN will be the last four digits of the primary member’s Social Security Number.) For security reasons you will be prompted to change your temporary PIN to a permanent PIN in order to finish the set up process. If prompted for account suffix, your checking account suffix is 091 and your savings account suffix is 000.

10.  Will my Direct Deposit/Payroll change? No, you should not see any changes to your direct deposit or payroll. Any distributions you had established prior to the conversion should be set to distribute to the same accounts. Please review your account for accuracy and report any discrepancies immediately.

11.  Will my electronic withdrawals change? No, any electronic withdrawals you had set up prior to conversion should continue to route properly to your account. However, please note your new share and loan suffixes on Online Banking, or your statement so that any new electronic withdrawals you set up will have the correct information.

12.   Will my UTFCU Visa Credit Card change? No, your credit card will not be affected by the conversion.

13.  Will my Bill Pay change? With the exception of some upgrades, your Bill Pay service will not change. All of your existing merchants and history will convert to the new system.

14.  Can I see my account history of transactions done before the conversion? No, once the conversion has taken place you will not be able to view past history. It will be like starting all over again. This is why we ask that you archive all e-statements before March 31. Instructions on how to archive are located on our main conversion page here.