Prepaid Travel Cards

International Prepaid Chip Card

Some of our members have experienced problems using their Visa credit card outside of the country due to security features that have not yet taken effect here in the US. The UTFCU has a solution for our members who travel abroad. The new Prepaid Travel “Chip Card”, also known as EMV, is now offered at UTFCU.

This card has the new chip technology that will allow our members to travel worry free knowing that they will have access to the cash they need. Please call or stop into one of our branch locations for details.

  • $7.00 per card
  • Minimum load $100, maximum load $5000
  • Dual magnetic stripe/Chip technology for foreign travel

Visa Travel Money Card

Safer than cash, more convenient than traveler’s checks.

  • $3.95 per card
  • Minimum load $100, maximum load $5000
  • Reloadable
  • In office reload fee of $2.50
  • Can be used anywhere Visa is accepted